Monday, 24 January 2022

January 19, 2022

3/3720) Home:  St-Ambroise Black IPA by Brasserie McAuslan of Quebec:  ***; 6.5%, 58 ibu; hopped with Bravo, Centennial, Cascade, Citra and Chinook; nose is roasted malt; roasty with mild pine notes, especially at the finish;

January 15, 2022

1/3718) Home:  St-Ambroise Baltic Porter (Porter Baltique) by Brasserie McAuslan of Quebec:  no rating; 8.2%, 42 ibu; brewed with six malts; no rating as this is an infected can with huge clumps of who knows what in the can; what a Baltic Porter Day letdown;

2/3719) Home:  St-Ambroise Milk Stout by Brasserie McAuslan of Quebec:  ***; 5.5%, 28 ibu; grain bill is wheat and barley; hopped with Bravo and Golding;  mild sweet mocha nose;  rather muted mocha flavours;

Some have reported that all four cans in this mix pack were infected but by my wife made no comment about the Oatmeal Stout and this one seems fine as well.

As I hinted earlier, I am not attempting anything this year in terms of number of new beers tried.

Saturday, 1 January 2022

December 31, 2021

367/3717) Home:  Nitro Caribbean Chocolate Cake, a collaboration between Siren Craft Brew of England and Cigar City of Florida, U.S.A.:  ****;   a 7.4%; Tropical Stout with cacao nibs and cypress wood; also malted barley, oats and lactose; nose is remarkably like chocolate cake; flavours mainly of cacao nibs; full mouthfeel;

December 30, 2021

366/3716) Home:  The Chocolate Monocle, a collaboration between Third Moon Brewing of Ontario and BreWskey of Quebec:  ***1/2; an 11% Imperial Stout with chocolate, vanilla and lactose; bottom of tin reads "Life is like a box of chocolates"; nose is vanilla and chocolate; strong vanilla flavours with chocolate and roasty malt; the alcohol is absent until the finish;

December 29, 2021

365/3715) Home:  Tynt Meadow English Trappist Ale by Mount St. Bernard Abbey:  ****; 7.4%, 38 ibu; a "strong ale brewed by the monks of Mount St. Bernard Abbey, Charnwood Forest"; referments in the bottle; added sugar; mahogany colour; nose of dried dark fruit with a hint of dark sugar; dark fruit, mildly malty, hints of chocolate emerge towards the finish; a very fine abbey ale; 

Only a few weeks ago, I could not imagine achieving this milestone yet again.  I am not certain that I am fully recovered, even now, so I expect to be taking things easy for the next little while.

December 28, 2021

363/3713) Home:  Coconut Death Dealer by Third Moon Brewing of Ontario:  ***1/2; a 7% Porter with raw and toasted coconut;  nose is dark roasted, nearly burnt toast (which is sort of the way I like it); flavours are mostly roasty malt, with hints of coconut, especially towards the finish;

364/3714) Home:  Vintage Ale 2021 by Fuller's Brewery of England:  ****; 8.5%, 40 ibu; 25th edition bottle #144941; the best before date has been extended to ten years; added invert sugar; optimistically, I bought a second bottle to age; this has me wondering, have I become so jaded? - it tastes "young" to me; for example, I am not used to noticing the hops in this series, particularly towards the finish;  the nose is malty with the reliable marmalade aromas;  mildly astringent hops somewhat overshadow, perhaps only to my mind, the traditional maltiness and marmalade flavours; I will get back to this one in 8 to 10 years, should I live so long;

New for 2021 - no more leaflets inside the box.

December 27, 2021

361/3711)  Home:  Mountainview Stout by Bench Brewing Company of Ontario:  ***1/2; 6.0%, 20 ibu; grain bill is malted barley, wheat; nose of roasted malt and dark coffee; roasty flavours with coffee; no additions or adjuncts, just a solid, straight forward stout, the sort one can manage more than one of;

Billed as "The beer from wine country".

362/3712) Home:  Bestowed - S'Mores by Third Moon Brewing of Ontario:  ***1/2; an 11% Imperial Stout with chocolate, marshmallows and Graham crackers;  nose of Graham crackers, coconut,  marshmallow and chocolate;  coconut and graham cracker are definitely the most prominent flavours, overshadowing the vanilla, marshmallow and chocolate;  a slow sipper for certain;  it is very nearly too much;  I could not possibly down more than one;