Tuesday, 10 September 2013

September 10, 2013

This installment of places I miss takes us to the Hop and Grape formerly at Yonge and College.  The Hop and Grape was introduced to me by the same fellow who first took me to the Spotted Dick on Bloor East of Yonge.  Like the Spotted Dick, the Hop and Grape featured a wide variety of clientele, not quite so wide, but still pretty varied. 

It was near the Carlton Cinemas which made it a great place to sit and ponder the foreign language film I just saw.  They used to have Tusker back in the 1980s which was pretty exotic at the time.  In the evenings it must have been a different type of place than in the afternoons when I went - I have since heard it referred to as the Hope and Grope but for me it was just a quiet, low key place with a reasonable selection of beer, wine and spirits. 

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