Saturday, 4 March 2017

February 5, 2017

I saw the news today that Sextant Craft Brewing has been purchased by Lost Craft.  Since both are contract brewers a better way to put this might be that the assets, trademarks, recipes and, very importantly, what is listed on balance sheets as “good will” were purchased.

I have no idea why certain of the cognoscenti look down on contract brewers the way they do.  An individual from Halo, whose wares I have yet to experience, certainly has no time for them but I don’t know how his assertion that Halo publishes their recipes on their web site could form part of his argument.  I do have a pretty fair idea, though, how he might react if I were to go from bar to bar peddling generic versions of his beers at a discount to the proprietors.

I wonder if class enters into this.  It seems if your trust fund can afford the space and brewing equipment you can sit in the high school cafeteria with the cool kids but if all you have is a recipe that you take from brewery to brewery it is a different story entirely.

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