Saturday, 5 August 2017

August 1, 2017

248/2066) Home:  The Sociable Pilsner by Common Good Beer Co. of Ontario:  **;  4.7%, 26 ibu;  brewed with Citra hops;  nose is grassy with a mild hop edge;  grassy with fruity hop notes;  as pilsners go this is pretty good;  it was an inspired idea to add Citra hops, in place of Saaz;

249/2067) Home:  Stash by Collective Arts of Ontario:  *;  5% ;  fruity nose;  it's the sugary sweetness that grabs one's attention - sweeter than Sprite;  not revolting but I wouldn't risk another;

You will note we are instructed to "Drink From the Can" and I did consume nearly half this way but it didn't improve things.

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