Monday, 6 January 2020

December 30, 2019

The night we had been dreading is come and gone.  Closing time for the final week of the year at The 3 Brewers on Mavis was set to 9PM and the final day was pushed back from the 31st to today.  This makes sense.  I cannot imagine trying to ask people to leave after 9PM on New Year's Eve.

The kitchen closed at 7:45 and last call was sometime after 9.  We were there until nearly eleven.  My prediction of tears came true but, surprisingly, none were mine.  Places come and go but this one hurts.  I enjoyed the regulars and the staff were beyond compare.  There will be a huge hole in my Thursday and Friday nights and what's more there will be very little good beer between Etobicoke and Oakville.

Rumour has it that Big Rig will be opening in the same location come March.  They had been bought by a group keen on expansion.  I went to the website and the menu is expensive and a bit too big.  It is hard to imagine much will be fresh.  Just the same, I intend to give it more than one chance.

A tip of the hat to Vivian, Vinu, Ashley, Sam and so many other servers and to Justin, a terrific brewer.  I hope our paths will cross very soon.

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