Thursday, 24 December 2020

December 19, 2020

362/3342) Home:  Low pHunk Sour Ale by Mob Craft of Wisconsin, U.S.A.:  *; 4.2%; quoth the can:  "conditioned with lactobacillus using a solera blending method" and "No kettles were soured during the making of this beer" as well as "unpasteurized live product"; mildly cloudy; very tart nose; super sour; no fruit or other distractions just funk and tartness; sure to please fans of sours; not so keen on it myself but this is why there are 31 flavours at Baskin Robbins: 

I am sure it's not just me observing that there have been a lot of beers from Wisconsin in this Advent calendar.  It could be this region is an overlooked wealth of fine beer options.   

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