Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December 21, 2012

240/640)  C'est What:  Morning Brew Coffee Cream Stout by Wellington County Brewery of Ontario:  **;   this was from a tin;  a 6.7%  stout with bitter dark roasted coffee notes;  also a hint of wine;  the bitterness is offset by a touch of sweet mocha

241/641)  Caffe Volo:  Holy Cow by Church Key Brewing of Ontario:  **;  a chocolate milk stout;    milk chocolate mocha nose;  mild chocolate notes with a milk chocolate finish set against an English style stout backdrop;

The Volo has undergone some changes.  For me the biggest is that they have removed the tables from the bar area.  It sounds a small thing but it is a huge improvement.  There is a whole lot more room now.  Time was it could get pretty informal with so many people in such a tight space.

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