Monday, 29 December 2014

December 9, 2014

I am advised that I should be outraged.

While I cannot support secret deals sponsored by an accountable government, the concept of a negotiated border between The Beer Store and the LCBO is not causing me to wet my bed, though I cannot speak for other beer bloggers.  I suppose for a paper that would put a video of a dieting politician visiting a KFC outlet at the very top of their on-line edition this makes for Big News but it is hardly Woodward and Bernstein in the real world.

I have written here before that I explicitly do not want the LCBO to be carrying twelve or twenty-four packs.  I am sufficiently annoyed by the preponderance of sixes.  The LCBO is a zero sum game.  Those facings people want devoted to large beer packages are going to push other items off the shelf.  The Beer Store has the room, let them have that corner of the business.  Instead of allowing this to distract us, I think we would do better to focus on ways to improve the methods of beer distribution in Ontario for the smaller brewers.  Let's call it the right decision for the wrong reason and condemn the process, but not necessarily the result.

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