Tuesday, 17 November 2015

September 21, 2015

Perhaps I am spending too much time pondering the renovations at Union Station but it is my gateway to Toronto where much of my draught beer is consumed and much of my bottled beer is purchased.

What I can't help thinking is how very many people are out of work now that the Bay Street concourse is closed.  It must be more than a hundred individuals.  Not that I will feel badly for that Sushi Shop employee I observed leaving the loo in full uniform without washing his hands.

They are threatening to open a McDonald's in the York Street concourse and there is already a coffee and carbohydrates stand with prices in the Starbucks realm.

The sad reality is that in comparison to the Bay Street concourse, this is somewhat cozy and the fact that people show more courtesy to their bags than their fellow commuters by assuring that their parcels have a seat next to them does not help matters.

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