Tuesday, 17 November 2015

September 22, 2015

One can almost feel the paroxysms of conformist bloggers at the news that Bellwoods Brewery is in league with the Beer Store.  It seems some lazy hipsters had a party in Trinity Bellwoods park and left their bottles behind.  When it was revealed that Bellwoods does not ask for deposits (as if that would have prevented the situation) the twittersphere was awash with demands for a boycott.

So now you can return your Bellwoods bottles to the Beer Store just like any other bottle and there will never again be litter in Trinity Bellwoods park.  One would have thought a hashtag could have achieved a similar result.

The punchline is that I did not know that I couldn't return Bellwoods empties or more to the point since she is the one who takes my bottles back, neither did my wife.  Even more to the point, it seems that Beer Store employees were not aware of this either.  I suspect it is a case of seeing all manner of strange new bottles day after day.  In any case I did not feel guilty for long and I have since resumed walking without looking over my shoulder.

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