Sunday, 8 January 2017

December 31, 2016

That's it for another year.  Looking forward, it is appearing that it may be more difficult to achieve large numbers of new beers owing to little more than the fact that I have fewer reasons to visit Toronto.

For example, there is no Volo for the New Year's Eve experience.  Sure, there is Birreria Volo but that is a bit out of my way and sours never were my thing.  I will wait for the new Volo to open a block to the East of the old one.

There was no Early Music Fair in Toronto this year.  Old buddy Frank had been having some health concerns but I met him earlier in December at a recital and to my relief he is fine and it was little more than a confluence of unfortunate circumstances.  Incidentally, you can see Frank in the latest Shreddies commercial.  He is sitting at the very left of the large breakfast table.

Musicians In Ordinary is still performing but much less frequently (no New Year's Day concert for 2017), Sine Nomine appears to be defunct and the Poculi Ludique Societas is "on hiatus" which meant no Medieval Christmas pageant.  Perhaps it serves me right for suggesting I go to St. Thomas' to check on the progression of certain bald spots and threadbare pull-overs.

Maybe it's a sign that I should slow down but I don't think so.

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