Sunday, 8 January 2017

January 4, 2017

2/1820) Home:  Bourbon Cask Dark Ale by Innis & Gunn of Scotland:  **1/2;  7.4%;  this is distinct from the previously cited Bourbon Dark Ale by virtue of the fact that it is matured in bourbon casks and not over bourbon infused oak chips for thirty days;  sweet nose of vanilla with a touch of citrus zest;  sweet bourbon notes;  the alcohol is very well hidden, yet it is still a warming beer for the season;  very mild citrus notes;  vanilla flavours are there but they are uncommonly faint for the style;

From a seasonal gift pack:

I gave one to my brother, the one who drinks, so it was great fun to receive one for Christmas from my wife.  My other brother doesn't drink but I still trust him.

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