Monday, 3 September 2018

September 1, 2018

245/2466) Home:  Coors Light by Coors Brewing Company of Ontario:  *; 4%; I bought it for the label, see below, which also reads, "The Official Beer of Major League Baseball"; anything with the Montreal Expos logo is collectable and self-recommending, at least to me; I gave most to wife after she cut the grass, saving a taster glass for me;  clear; no preservatives;  sweet and minerally;

I am at a loss to explain its popularity.

246/2467) Home:  Noire by Les Trois Mousquetaires of Quebec:  *1/2; a 5%, 25 ibu German-inspired black lager; malty with chocolate notes;

These were purchased at the brewery in Brossard.  There are a couple of coolers but no tasting bar, no snacks. 

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