Saturday, 24 November 2018

October 25, 2018

308/2529) The 3 Brewers, Heartland:  Pillow Case by The 3 Brewers of Ontario:  **1/2;  cask; 3.7%, 6 ibu; their Raspberry Sour with strawberries, marshmallows and lactose; going for strawberry marshmallow Halloween candy and achieving it; sweet with a fruity tang; sugary sweet nose;

309/2530) The 3 Brewers, Heartland:  Harvest Ale (2018):  *;  4.5%, 40 ibu; brewed with a single malt and a single hop: Alberta Heritage Select malt, Chinook hops; off-puttingly musty, dry, bitter adstringent nose; similar flavours;  a bit much;

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