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September 21, 2018

265/2486) C'est What:  Prospect Single Hop IPA - Simcoe by Left Field Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2;  6%, 60 ibu; pineapple, tropical nose; tropical citrus flavours;  each version of their Prospect series uses the same malt bill and showcases a unique hop variety;

Today is C'est What's Fall Festival of Craft Brewers.  Everything was in tiny sample sized cups.

266/2487) C'est What:  Madagascar Vanilla Cream Ale by Cameron's Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2; 5%, 23 ibu; brewed with Noble hops; grainy, minerally nose; mineral flavours with a touch of vanilla, mild citrus;

As I have often said, C'est What does a beer festival the right way.  No admission and their kitchen is open should you find yourself hungry.

267/2488) C'est What:  Mr. Brown Has Gone Coconuts Brown Ale by Nita Beer Company of Ontario:  **1/2; 5.5%, 40 ibu; pours dark with a coconut nose; strong, sweet coconut flavours; I'm not sure I could manage a pint due to the sweetness, but I might;

268/2489) C'est What:  Inn O'Sláinte Irish Red Ale with Rooibos Tea by Innocente Brewing Company of Ontario:  *1/2; 5.2%, 18 ibu; strong tea nose; sweet with sarsaparilla notes;

269/2490) C'est What:  Session 7 IPA India Session Ale by Side Launch of Ontario:  **; 4.6%, 35 ibu; brewed with Idaho 7 hops; sweet piney nose; pine flavours;

270/2491) C'est What:  Low Impact DDH American Pale Ale with Moteuka hops by Collective Arts of Ontario:  **; 4.5%, 35 ibu; brewed in collaboration with Garage Beer Co. of Spain; fermented with London Fog yeast; citrus nose; citrusy flavours, on the sweet side;

271/2492) C'est What:  Pumpkin Ale with Vanilla by Great Lakes Brewery of Ontario:  **1/2; 5.5%, 15 ibu; fresh pumpkin nose and flavors of the original with sweet vanilla, making it even better; like pumpkin pie with whipped cream;

272/2493) C'est Whst:  Alive 'N Well Southern Hemisphere IPA by Stone City Ales of Ontario: **; 6.9%, 70 ibu; brewed with a blend of hops from the Southern Hemisphere; strong, sharp citrus nose; pulpy sweet citrus flavorus, very nearly in the New England style, oddly enough;

273/2494) C'est What: Oktoberfest Marzen by Royal City Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2; 6%, 20 ibu; malty nose and flavours; a top shelf Marzen

274/2495) C'est What:  Conscience with Pineapple by Innocente Brewing Company of Ontario:  **; 5.7%, 80 ibu; on cask; pineapple nose; pineapple compliments the tropical hops nicely with a dry, bitter finish;

275/2496) C'est What:  Toronto Island Time by Great Lakes Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2; a 5.8%, 25 ibu Norwegian Farmhouse Ale; the official beer of Toronto Beer Week; brewed with mango and strawberry; the nose is fresh strawberry and mango; hazy; fruity and yeasty with a dry finish;

276/2497) C'est What:  Eric The Red by C'est What of Ontario:  *1/2; a 5.0% 32 ibu Red Ale; sweet and malty with toffee flavours and a small hint of mocha;

277/2498) C'est What:  Sour Cherry Porter by MacLean's Ales of Ontario:  **; 5.6%, 25 ibu; on cask; tart cherry nose; tart, not sour, cherry notes with chocolate; very nice;

278/2499) C'est What:  Mocha Porter by C'est What of Ontario:  *1/2; 6%, 33 ibu; coffee, mocha nose; rich, creamy mouth feel due to the nitro pour; I miss the complexities of their previous dark beers, the hazelnut, the orange, the chocolate; a bit dry for my taste, as far as this style is concerned;

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