Sunday, 21 July 2019

July 7, 2019

195/2795) Home:  Pedestal (Galaxy CY18) by Badlands Brewing of Ontario:  **; 6.5%; brewed with Galaxy hops from 2018, frozen; brewed to contrast with the next entry; when I was there they were taking a poll and the 2019 version had a large lead; murky as per usual; candied citrus nose; citrus flavours with dry, earthy finish;

196/2796) Home:  Pedestal (Galaxy CY19) by Badlands Brewing of Ontario:  **1/2; 6.5%; murky; tropical and citrus nose; even sweeter citrus notes than the entry above with none of the dry earthiness; "candied hops" was how the individual at Badlands described it;

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