Sunday, 21 July 2019

July 9, 2019

199/2799) Home:  Summerweiss Tropical Wheat by Muskoka Brewery of Ontario:  **; 5.3%; brewed with malted barley and wheat, passionfruit and mango; hazy; both fruits are prominent in the nose; sweet but not overly so; fruity passionfruit and mango flavours; I thought I detected a touch of orange; delicious and refreshing;

200/2800) Home:  Raspberry Radler by Waterloo Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **; 2.5%; brewed with apple juice concentrate, sugar, raspberry juice, lemon juice and "natural flavours"; strong, fresh raspberry nose; raspberry is strongest but lemon adds a tartness and apple is also prominent;

Waterloo Brewing is the new name for Brick Brewing, passed at a recent shareholders' meeting.  I voted, by proxy, against.

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