Friday, 1 April 2011

April 1, 2011

131)  The Govnor's Pub in Brampton:  Harp Lager by Guinness Ltd. of Ireland:  *1/2;  years ago, this was pretty out there but these days it seems just a bit ordinary, but after a trip to the YMCA and a 7km run it went down very nicely, indeed;  it ought to come as no surprise that what is perhaps Brampton's best British pub is owned and operated by a family from India;  they are reputed to be able to pour the clover on top of the foam of the Guinness but I didn't stick around;

132)  Up Yer Kilt! in Brampton:  Smithwick's Ale by Guinness Ltd. of Ireland:  *1/2;  I could say much the same as above;  as you might guess, this is a Scottish pub and I don't get tired of bellowing that name;  not much in the way of Scottish beers on tap, though;

No fooling, today is the feast of St. Hugh of Grenoble and St. Macarius the Wonder-Worker.

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