Wednesday, 26 December 2012

December 12, 2012

What a great day.

I got the call, as promised, from the Cooper Street LCBO. They would have 120 six packs of Wesvleteren 12 but I had to show up early. It got me thinking. The Weston Road and Highway 401 store is easier for me to get to and it opens an hour earlier - maybe I would have a second chance if this didn't work out so I called and was told they would have fifteen trays or sixty cases but, again, be there before opening.

I rolled in at 7:45 and there were already people waiting. I was 15th in line. It was clear but cold - my poor feet. The lady that got there first had driven by at 3:30AM to check if there was a line and by 6:30 she couldn't stand it any more so she opened a folding chair and waited.

A few spots in front of me was a couple, the wife obviously pregnant even under her bulky coat, with two very young children. They looked reasonable enough, almost yuppyish. At least the kids were severely bundled up.

Despite our hopes, they did not open early. A couple of minutes before 9 the manager on duty stepped out and handed out tickets. We were told where to find the object of our desire and not soon enough the doors opened.

There were a couple of people who didn't seem to know what they were buying. One road worker, in his reflective vest and helmet, was clearly roped into evading the one case limit.

I was offered an extra $10.00 in the parking lot for my case but that didn't represent a good hourly rate for my time. Besides, I can't think of an amount I would have accepted after going through what I did to learn where and when to find it. It sold out in minutes here, at Cooper Street and anywhere else it was available.

At $76.85 it could be one of the more foolish things I have done but, hey, sixty cents was the deposit!


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