Wednesday, 26 December 2012

December 16, 2012

237/637)  Home:  Historic Beers of Canada:  1820-1829 Dray Horse Ale by Black Creek Historic Brewery of Ontario:   **;  brewed with 100% Ontario grown ingredients;  in the era of canal building  Dray Horses pulled the barges through the canals;  very dark brown, very little carbonation;  I am reminded of the stout I helped make at Black Creek Pioner Village;  sweet mocha nose;  rich, almost creamy mocha with touch brown sugar flavours;  this is the second in a series, Rifleman's Ration being the first - I eagerly await the next installments;

238/638)  Home:  Winter Treacle Porter by Innis and Gunn of Scotland:  **1/2; brewed with molasses, oak aged, matured 39 days;  rich, fruity vanilla nose;  warming taste of dried fruit, caramel, hint of chocolate;  another winner from Innis and Gunn; 

This is part of the 2012 Connoisseur's Oak Collection (another glass to add to the collection) and it is also available on its own, unlike last year's Winter Ale.  I only wish Innis and Gunn would either put all of their beers in boxes or start using tinted glassThe beer is a beautiful colour, and I can understand why they would want to show it off, but I worry about the damage from light.

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