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May 29, 2014

I attended Thirsty Thursday at Montgomery's Inn in Etobicoke.  The last Thursday of every month the tavern at Montgomery's Inn, restored to its 1847 glory, is open for a night of fun and frivolity.  I had pictured this as an evening of people coming and going but this was not the case for the most part so my advice is to arrive spot on 7PM.

Admission is free and a hearty bowl of Irish stew is available for a mere five dollars and since it comes with a slice of bread baked in their brick oven out back there is no need to purchase the pretzels they offer.

The drinks are mostly bottled beers and ciders but I did manage to try the one historically authentic drink on offer, a peppermint whiskey.  Evidently, Mr. Montgomery economized on the whiskey and had to cover up the poor quality.

It is alleged that things could get rowdy, complete with flying chairs, some evenings.

We were treated to live music and it was a very convivial atmosphere with tables of people enjoying one another's company.  At one point, the mother of one of the performers stood up to berate us loudly, and at unnecessary length,  for carrying on conversations while people were playing music on the grounds that the evening was not just about us.  It was at this point that another fellow, who had also come by himself, leaned over and suggested that we might be treated to some historically authentic flying chairs tonight.

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