Wednesday, 21 January 2015

December 24, 2014

286/1267) Tracks Brewpub:  "New" Old Mill brewed at Tracks Brewpub, Ontario:  **;  they still refer to it as the dark though it isn't, except perhaps in comparison to their light beer;  this one is neither light nor pale but full-on flavourful;  they got much closer to Fullers this time out;  brown sugary, hoppy nose;  dark sugar finish;  rather nice;

I went around the corner of the bar to make my notes free of ribbing.  Today was the now-traditional regulars' Christmas Eve bash - great fun as always.  Being at Tracks is a lot like I imagine visiting Toots Shor's some sixty years ago might have been, but without the celebrities, the athletes, the neck ties and so forth.  It's basically a bunch of grown men horsing around.

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