Thursday, 29 January 2015

December 31, 2014

290/1271) Caffe Volo:  Mezze Note Espresso Milk Stout by House Ales of Ontario:  **;  very strong (we're talking Starbucks strong) dark coffee flavours and aromas;  any contribution from the lactose is over-powered but it didn't concern me particularly - this was quite an experience and it was a great way to start the evening;  Mezze Note translates as middle or mid night.

291/1272) Caffe Volo:  Lambic Gueze 2014 by Cantillion Brewery of Belgium:  **;  5%;  tart, funky cidery nose;  tart, cidery. delicious;  I gather they had been hanging on to this one for the occasion.  They were quite proud to be able to offer it and rightfully so.

292/1273)  Caffe Volo:  Yakima IPA by Le Castor Brewing Co. of Quebec:  **;  five ounces from a bottle;  an American style IPA;  sweet tropical fruit nose;  fruity, surprisingly sweet with a dry, hoppy finish;

293/1274) Caffe Volo:  25th Anniversary Barley Wine by House Ales of Ontario:  **;  9% abv;  bourbon barrel aged;  dark sugar nose;  flavours of dark sugar, dried fruit with a bite from the alcohol lurking;

New Years Eve at the Volo is always special.  As in previous years a bell would ring on the hour as bottles emerged from the cellar.  I wish I could have stayed later but New Years Eve is a bit of an irritant to me.  One tends to encounter a lot of people who have not tied one on since St. Patrick's Day (forever ruined for me after 2011) and I cannot overlook the fact that it is an entirely manufactured celebration.  Returning to the positive, I ended the evening with five ounces of Omnipollo Hypnopompa.  Ludicrously expensive but worth it.

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