Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May 15, 2016

82/1667) Monk's Kettle:  Lauter Tun Saints HPA by Brimstone Brewing Co. of Ontario: **;  5.3%,  HPA stands for Hybrid Pale Ale;  the bartender suspects this is referring to the factt that this is brewed with oats, wheat and rye as well as barley;  also uses Nelson Sauvin and Amaraillo hops;  hazy with a fresh citrusy nose;  warm gentle flavours against a grainy backdrop;

83/1668) Monk's Kettle:  Sinister Minister by Brimstone Brewing Co. of Ontario:  **;  7.5%,  "+90 ibu";  darker than above, stronger as well;  similar in that it, too, is opaque;  citrusy mildly resiny nose;  citrusy resiny flavours;

After today's performance by the Windermere String Quartet, it is pretty much the end of concert season.  Prior to concert season, I had mentioned that the Bay Street concourse at Union Station, and particularly the McDonalds therein, had permanently closed.  Between then and now I have shed some nine kilograms.  As Bear from Polka Dot Shorts might say, "Coincidence?  I think not!'.

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