Monday, 21 May 2018

February 15, 2018

48/2269) Great Lakes Brewery:  Blonde Lager by Great Lakes Brewery of Ontario:  *1/2;  5%;  grassy;

This was a "Taste & Tutor" session.  At the end of the evening we received certificates evidencing that we are certified Pompous Asses.  We had to pass a quiz first but everyone scored ten of ten.

49/2270) Great Lakes Brewery:  Restrained Jubilation Helles by Great Lakes Brewery of Ontario:  *;  4.8%, 12 ibu;  gluten reduced;  hazy;  match head aroma;  nutty, smokey; 

We were given this to sample the day before its official release.

It wa a multifaceted evening.  A fellow named Alistair, who prefers to be called Alli, guided us through the process of making beer emphasizing each of the four ingredients at one of the steps with an eye to how the final product is influenced at this time by variations in this ingredient.

At the same time we were pairing beers with cheese.  Canuck Pale Ale was matched with a Canadian cheddar, Pompous Ass with Brie, Lake Effect with a blue cheese, their Blonde lager with goat cheese, and Harry Porter with Collier's Welch cheddar, an unpasteurized cheese, not intended for the Canadian market.

We also tried Harry Porter and the Cherry Hoarder.

I met the Ontario Beer Guy but I didn't have the nerve to ask how wise it was to drive with personalized licence plates decreeing this title.

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