Sunday, 5 October 2014

August 20, 2014

193/1174) Stonewater Pub, Gananoque:  Stonewater Ale by Church Key Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2;  strictly speaking it is made with "help and guidance of the brewmaster at Churchkey Brewing";  I am reminded of Northumberland Ale;  it's a very old school ale;

The Stonewater Pub is a must visit for me whenever I am near Gananoque.

194/1175) Brasseurs du Temps, Gatineaux:  Carpe Diem by Brasseurs du Temps of Quebec:  *1/2;  6.5%;  a dry hopped Belgian IPA;  Belgian yeast with a  hop bite to the nose;  sweet yeastiness with a dry hop finish;  

195/1176) Brasseurs du Temps, Gatineaux:  L'Allumante by Brasseurs du Temps of Quebec:  **;  a 5.5% nut brown ale;  a tribute to Hull's match girls of last century;  a touch of nutty caramel with biscuit to nose;  malty and rich with a dry hoppy finish;

196/1177) Brasseurs du Temps, Gatineaux:  Au Pied Du Courant by Brasseurs du Temps of Quebec: **1/2;     a 6.5% dry hopped American IPA;  citrusy, piney nose;  very dry astringent finish;  full flavoured rich hoppiness;

197/1178) Brasseurs du Temps, Gatineaux:  La Nuit des Temps by Brasseurs du Temps of Quebec:  **1/2;  5.5% stout;  the nose features coffee, mocha, dark chocolate;  roasty flavours;

I continue to marvel at how so very many good stouts come from Quebec brewers.

Brasseurs du Temps is not far across the river from Ottawa - highly recommended.

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