Tuesday, 21 October 2014

September 18, 2014

222/1203) C'est What:  Admiral Tiberius Pale Ale by Junction Craft Brewing of Ontario:  **;  4%, 40 ibu;  nose is tropical fruit;  dry earthy hop flavours with a bitter finish;

I was pretty happy to finally find this one after coming so close a few weeks ago.

223/1204) C'est What:  Werner Stengel IPA by Junction Craft Brewing of Ontario:  **1/2;  6.2%, 59 ibu;  Werner Stengel is a German roll-coaster designer/engineer; he designed the first roller-coaster loop;  fresh fruity herbal nose;  floral, fruity hops with a sharp edge;

224/1205) C'est What:  Italian Backyard Pale Ale by 5 Paddles Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2;  4.2%, 35 ibu;  the first thing I noticed was that nose of basil;  it's your standard pale ale flavours with a basil finish;  it would be great to cook with;  "reminiscent of a long summer days picking and peeling tomatoes in Nonna's Backyard";

225/2106) C'est What:  Uncle Kev's Milk Stout by 5 Paddles Brewing of Ontario:  **; 6.5%, 18 ibu;  nose is sweet milk chocolate, mocha;  very sweet mocha flavours; usual four ingredients plus corn;  the bartender suggested it was a great dessert;  the website opines,  "as memorable as one of Uncle Kev's stories"

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