Sunday, 13 September 2015

September 11, 2015

A bit of disappointment today,  I visited the Phoenix Concert Theatre for a performance by the Diodes and to try Time Damage IPA, named for an early Diodes tune, by Manantler Craft Brewing which was going to be "available at all shows on the tour".  No one at either of the bars inside the Phoenix had heard of it, even after vocalist Paul Robinson referred to it twice on stage.

This is not my first such experience.  In July of 2014, alerted by Canadian Beer News to check Cameron's website for the availability of Pistols At Dawn, I dropped in to the Crooked Cue on Bloor Street resulting in a similar encounter.  Fortunately, in this instance I was very close to the Monk's Kettle.

This is not to knock the Canadian Beer News site,  They have to rely on what they are told and luckily for me there are a lot of beers out there and I get to choose which ones I spend my money on.

I don't picture myself feeling a need to try anything by Mantantler any time soon.

Save for that detail (I made do with gin and tonics) it was a good evening.  Things kicked off with a half hour of performance footage from Toronto's legendary Crash and Burn club filmed by Ross McLaren which might best be summarized as young people from 1977 with minuscule chances of employment desperately trying to cause offense.  It was fun.

This was followed by a band featuring Gordie Lewis and Dave Rave of Teenage Head and at eleven the feature act appeared on stage.  Towards the end they were joined by Lucasta Ross of the B-Girls and for the very last number they called Gord back to the stage to join in on a David Bowie cover.

Ralph Alfonso, manager of the Diodes and the Crash and Burn, hosted and he had a display of photos and other items from the era on display and for sale. I was intrigued to see a single that I had paid ninety nine cents for in the late seventies or early eighties going for fifty dollars.

On my way to the Phoenix I walked through the Bay on Queen and Yonge where I saw, less than half-way into September, a Christmas display.  Honest.

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