Sunday, 13 September 2015

September 3, 2015

Now that it is September, Fall is approaching and I am starting to think about the proposed re-opening of the, possibly re-named, Beer Academy.  I have been by a few times of late but I haven't been able to see in.

Food Network watchers might be wondering how this can take as long as this when they regularly see places being made over in five, two even one day but I can tell you a story.

When I worked at Bloor and Islington there were four pubs across the street from us, one of which was called The Office.  It must have been handy to be able to say that you were going to be staying late at The Office.  Then they were featured on an episode of Restaurant Makeover.

The first thing that happened was that lovely square bar in the centre, from which the barmaid presided like nobility, was taken out in favour of a bar in the corner at the cost of all character the pub had.  As for the decor, the best description I heard was that it looked like a candy shop.  I did go once to investigate and I could see that small details like corners and edges betrayed the markings of someone in a hurry.

The Office is now known as The Longest Yard and through the window I could see that the bar has been returned to where it was before.

I continue to look forward to what is in store for the Beer Academy.

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