Monday, 11 July 2016

June 16, 2016

107/1692) Rainhard Brewing Company:  Sweetback's Milk Stout by Rainhard Brewing of Ontario:  **;  5.25%, 25 ibu;  brewed with cocoa powder, vanilla and lactose;  sweet, milky, mocha nose;    almost soda like mouth feel;  it is on the sweet side with mocha flavours;

The brewmaster considers this to reside at the border of a dry and a sweet stout.

People who have met me would agree that one way to ensure my attendance at your event is to call it "Bach and Beer".  This started out as a solo performance by cellist Steuart Pincombe, see , but it turns out that he and local violinist extraordinaire Edwin Huizinga go back a bit and the event turned into a trio with the addition of keyboardist local Philip Fournier (who began tuning up ten minutes after the concert was scheduled to begin writes a fellow who dashed straight from the office and worked up a bit of a sweat in a shirt and tie getting there on time). Still, a great evening at a surprisingly good venue for music.  The fellows working in the back stuck around and it was fun to be in a room with people enjoying a variety of music they might not normally choose to listen to.

Each piece was introduced by the soloist and Jordan Rainhard would then suggest one of his beers to accompany the music.  I purchased a couple of bottles of which I will write more later.

I learned that J.S. Bach would frequent Zimmerman's Cafe which has been added to Brahms' hangout, the Red Hedgehog, among others, for my list of places to visit when I next go to Europe.

I was also interested to hear that I was close by George Bell Arena.  Could that be named for the American League's Most Valuable Player of 1987?

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