Sunday, 17 July 2016

June 28, 2016

119/1704) Home:  Sweet Pete's Ride On, Radler by Henderson Brewing of Ontario:  **;  3.8%;  lemony, not grapefruit as is most often the case;  refreshing, not sweet in spite the almost soda-ish flavours;

This was designed in collaboration with Sweet Pete's Bike Shop.  It's a touching story.  A friend of one of the staff was afflicted with ALS and solicited help from a number of bike shops with regard to setting up his bicycle so that he could continue cycling.  Only Sweet Pete's got back to him and with their assistance he was able to ride until only a few days before he died.  Sweet Pete's has three locations and if I lived in Toronto I wouldn't go anywhere else for my cycling needs.

I also bought this at the brewery tour.  Their four-pack case is pretty cool.

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