Saturday, 12 November 2016

November 3, 2016

207/1792) The 3 Brewers, Heartland:  Helga's Shameful Birthday Surprise by The 3 Brewers of Ontario:  **1/2;  a Thursday cask;  brewed with cherries, cocoa, vanilla;  very dark;  sweet chocolate nose, almost like Nestle's Quik from in the day;  cherries are largely absent until the close;  strong, sweet chocolate and vanilla flavours;

I am reminded of Aphrodite but this one is sweeter.  Maybe Young;s Double Chocolate Stout (on draught) is closer.

208/1793) Home:  Lawrence of Arabica by Amager Bryghus of Denmark:  **;  a 7% coffee orange porter;  brewed with coffee beans and orange zest;  the nose is dark coffee with a hint of orange zest;  mostly dark, dark coffee favours;

Maybe all the good names for beers aren't taken after all.

Today is International Stout Day.

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