Thursday, 3 November 2016

October 25, 2016

204/1789) Home:  Tales From The Pumpkin Patch Pumpkin Porter by Big Rig of Ontario:  ***;  5.5%;  brewed with the usual four ingredients plus oats, pumpkin, lactose and "spices";  the tin reads, "It's like homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream but better, because it's beer.";  chocolate coloured;  the nose is a blend of bubble gum, whipped cream, vanilla bean, cream soda, spices;  not a whole lot of pumpkin here but there are a whole lot of spices, especially cinnamon and nutme; also notes of root beer, vanilla;

I am crazy abut this one even if there isn't much porter or pumpkin involved.

The can is supposed to glow in the dark but it doesn't seem to be working for me,  Back in the day, Dead Guy Ale by Rogue had a glow in the dark bottle which actually did glow in the dark which was very cool.

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