Saturday, 12 November 2016

October 30, 2016

I sense a disaster in the works but the confluence of an Indigo Chapters gift card, free shipping and the offer of saving five dollars pushed me off the fence and I have purchased the highly recommended for beginners Brooklyn Brew Shop home brewing kit.  I felt the need to buy another stock pot and a bigger funnel and strainer as well.  Some day when I am in a frivolous mood I will calculate how much my first batch of beer has cost me per bottle.

An immediate benefit is that I have a fair bit of spent grain which I have dried and stored.  I have already baked a batch of spent grain and cheddar scones which have gone over well at home, save for with my daughter who finds anything remotely related to beer most revolting.  A couple of weeks ago I purchased a loaf of bread at the Montgomery's Inn Wednesday afternoon farmers' market which was made with spent grain from Black Creek's historic brewery.  I thought it was pretty terrific and I will definitely be searching for a recipe.

I bought the Everyday IPA kit.  It makes a gallon so if things go astray I won't be looking at too much bad beer.  I stuck to the rules the first time out but I plan to start clearing out the freezer and incorporating the hops I have been growing in my back yard.

Bottling is scheduled for mid-November.

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