Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October 21, 2016

Rather an interesting event, or better put, an interestingly promoted event being put on by the Society of Beer Drinking Ladies.  Allow me to quote:  "Tickets to this festival are open to women:  if you identify as a woman, we will welcome you.  The SOBDL is an inclusive environment!"

How positively Orwellian to assert that exclusion is inclusive.  The main stream media, true to form, has taken the role of stenographers over that of journalists on the topic.  

I don't think one gets away with this sort of fashionable hate far from The Six (which I understand means six suburbs in search of a city).

I shall wait until I see a beer list before deciding if I identify as a woman, in the manner of David Menzies.  Please see  David Menzies Becomes A Woman

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