Tuesday, 26 December 2017

December 18, 2017

390/2208) Home:  Salted Caramel Coffee Stout by The Ticketybrew Company of England:  *;  5.4%;  limited edition;  brewed with lactose, barley and wheat, Peruvian coffee, cocoa nibs, salt;  not lacking for carbonation;  burnt coffee nose;  tastes a lot like salty coffee grinds but there is just enough roastiness that it is not a complete disaster;

Yet another brewery that I first encountered whilst enjoying last year's Advent Calendar.  It's hard to forget those distinctive labels.

391/2209) Home:  Trailer Park Boys Rickey's Catch 23 Malt Liquor by N.A.C. Imports Inc. of Ontario:  *;  6%;  brewed with the usual four ingredients plus flaked corn, corn sugar;  malty nose;  sweet malt notes;  nothing special;

Still no television beers inspired by anything I have actually watched and I did leave my wish list a while back.  I would accept a CP24 News beer.

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