Thursday, 24 October 2019

August 18, 2019

246/2846) My parents' cottage:  Tractor On The Wall by Stonepicker Brewing Company of Ontario:  **; a 6.0% Oatmeal stout; sweet chocolate nose; a bit thin for an oatmeal stout; uncommonly sweet chocolate notes;

There really is a tractor mounted  on the wall at Stonepicker Brewery.

247/2847) Paddington's, Grand Bend:  Geronimo IPA by Walkerville Brewery of Ontario:  **; 6.3%;  herbal nose; pleasantly dry herbal notes;

Geronimo was a bootlegging ship owned by Harry LowIt was seized by the U.S. but freed by a storm and it drifted back to Canada.

248/2848) Paddington's:  Woolen Shop Brown Ale by Bayfield Brewing Company of Ontario:  **; 4.8%, 25 ibu; rich, malty nose; rich malty grainy sweet; a fine brown ale;

Now I know why my wife raves about Paddingtons in Grand Bend - great dinner.

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