Monday, 21 October 2019

July 20, 2019

210/2810) Home:  Pêche Mel Scaldis by Brasserie Duboisson Freres of Belgium:  *1/2; 8.5%; brewed with sugar, "fruit juice (peach 15%)", "natural peach flavours", though sugar is listed,the label goes on to say, "No sweeteners" which I take to mean the sugar is burnt off during fermentation; this is their Scaldis Amber blended with peach beer; nose of peaches; sugary sweet yeast, apple and peach flavours;

211/2811) Home:  Cuvée Mam'zelle by Brouwerij De Leite of Belgium:  *1/2; 7.5%; "high fermented"; aged in oak barrels, refermented in the bottle; unfiltered, unpasteurized; tart nose; very tart and dry;

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