Sunday, 27 October 2019

October 8, 2019

297/2897) Pub On Main Street, Brampton:  House Lager, she's not sure who makes it for them:  *; I did not ask further questions; a pretty ordinary lager;

The place has been open more than a year but scarcely anyone was there.  This was more of an exploration than a beer tasting.  To enter you have to climb a steep flight of stairs between the shops along Main Street South.  I had the impression it would be a lot smaller given the entrance and the exit-only door out back but it is roomy and there is even space for a pool table.  If my visit was typical I cannot speculate how they manage keep the doors open.

298/2898) Home:  After Hours Old Fashioned Cocktail Pale Ale by Central City Brewers and Distillers of British Columbia:  **1/2; 6.5%, 35 ibu; inspired by the Old Fashioned whisky cocktail; brewed with orange peel, whisky, cherries, Lohin McKinnon single malt whisky and house made bitters; I can smell the cherry, the whisky and the zest; tastes very much like an Old Fashioned what with the cherry, essential oil of orange and whisky; it is delicious; I like it even more than the similarly inspired Henderson beer;

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