Monday, 21 October 2019

July 22, 2019

213/2813) Home:  Lime Radler by Ace Hill Brewing Company Inc. of Ontario:  **; a blend of Ace Hill's Mexican lager and organic juice; the beer portion is brewed with barley malt, flaked corn and wheat; the other half is apple, orange, lime, lemon; lemon-lime nose, strong on the lemon; tastes of lime above all but with a lemony snap and some orange present; not much apple; very refreshing;

214/2814) Home:  Cuvée Jeun'homme by Brouwerij De Leite of Belgium:  *; 6.5%; unfiltered, pasteurized, bottle conditioned; "imperturbable"; high fermented, aged in oak barrels, refermented in the bottle; tart nose; tart, funky, cidery; no hint of the oak or anything else for that matter; what a shame;

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