Monday, 21 March 2011

Where to start?

The idea came to me late last year.  I had such a good time at Caffe Volo's heavy hitters night that I wrote down my beers for posterity.  It occurred to me that even though I couldn't name 365 beers right then, it was something to aim for. 

The idea for the blog came much later.  During the Toronto Beer Week 6-month countdown pub crawl I let slip that I was doing this and someone asked if I had a blog and offered that if I did he would definitely follow it.  So there's going to be some back-filling, in part because I don't know how to attach the Excel spreadsheet I am using to keep track of my beers but it might just look better too.

Some ground rules:  to count it has to be at least a half pint, no tasters.  I decided not to include ciders, even though they are available along side the beers but I am including barley wines, which I consider a variant of beer.  I will list the date, where I drank it, the brewery's name and location and I will give it a rating and add some comments.  I am pinching the Beer Diva's rating system but since I can't come up with pint and half pint icons I will use stars:  * = I would finish it;  ** = I would order another and *** = I would seek this one out.

Here's to your very good health!

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