Tuesday, 18 November 2014

November 11, 2014

250/1231)  The 3 Brewers, Adelaide Richmond Centre:  Bear Street Stout by The 3 Brewers, Ontario: **1/2;   5.5%, 32 ibu;  this is their Neighbourhood Beer, so named because Bay Street was at one time called Bear Street on account of the fact that bears were known to roam it;  it is a nitrogen tap which lends a creamy mouthfeel; oats add their own richness and smoothness to the blend;  the nose is a mix of coffee and chocolate;  similarly there is a mix of the two in the taste with a light body and a creamy head;  the finish is surprisingly sweet with a touch of fruit;

The new Adelaide Street location does have a good street visibility and it can be reached by way of the underground which makes it conveniently accessible from such far flung locations as Union Station and the St. Andrew subway station, even the Toronto Eaton Centre, provided The Bay is open.  Mind, if you are at the Eaton Centre you are across the street from the Toronto's first 3 Brewers.

It was the middle of the afternoon and things were slow so they had time to give me the Royal treatment.  I was shown all around and I even met the brewmaster.  It backs on to a square between office towers which lends a nice setting in which to dine and there is only one flight of stairs to the loo, not the journey required at the Yonge Street location.  I should caution that even without the benefit of a couple of beers on board the images on the ladies' and the gents' room are distressingly similar so until this is improved upon do please be careful.

I suppose this makes me an example of why declaring Remembrance Day a statutory holiday might not be a good idea.  In my defense I was off because we were on skeleton staff, firm-wide, and I did attend the Service of Remembrance in front of the Soldiers' Tower at the University of Toronto that morning and even though we were warned we all jumped out of our shoes when the cannons at Queen's Park were fired.

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