Thursday, 20 November 2014

November 19, 2014

In terms of "audience" in the past week, France has leaped ahead of Germany into third place.

I asked after the new, renewed even, Tracks home brew (which was set to debut on Sunday) but it is not available yet.  A couple of people have tried it.  The individual I spoke with - he is a lawyer and that is about all I am going to say about him  - was not a fan but that could mean so many things.  Few people are fans of my favourite beers but then again, no one likes a spoiled beer either.  If I don't go for this one there isn't much in the way of alternatives at Tracks though my attorney acquaintance has spent a lot of time trying to convert people into whiskey sour drinkers.

Maybe I will visit Dum Dum's more often, if only because I like saying the name.

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