Sunday, 9 November 2014

November 8, 2014

Well this is a revolting development.

Today is International Stout Day, I had a couple of choices lined up but I cannot partake. Two days ago I visited an endodontist for a root canal and left after experiencing an extraction.  On the bright side, it is/was a back molar, the tooth I am least likely to miss, the decision that the infection was too severe for the tooth to be saved came quickly and an extraction cost me, or more accurately two insurance companies, one thousand dollars less than the root canal would have.  I should also be happy that the swelling is mostly gone and I only took two of the pain tablets I was prescribed and I'm not certain I really needed the second one.

The sad part is that I was sent home with a long list of instructions which include avoiding not only spicy foods, which is mostly what I eat, but solids in general until the wound heals.  I cannot smoke for five to seven days (and I was seriously considering taking up smoking this weekend - I tried it once and I cannot believe these people who say it is hard to quit:  I could scarcely start.) and worst of all I am to avoid alcohol for three days which turn out to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I would have thought the alcohol would sterilize the area but they say it would weaken the clot that is forming.

So I am not a whole lot of fun until Monday.  Sorry.

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