Saturday, 21 February 2015

February 1, 2015

30/1304)  Home:  St. Luke's Verse Lavender Gruit by Beau's All Natural Brewing of Ontario:  *1/2;   5.7%;  wild Oats Series No. 33;  pours hazy;  brewed with lavender, rosemary and thyme and all three feature strongly in the nose;  there is a surprising sweetness to this beer;  rosemary and thyme are more present until the finish when the lavender peaks;  a most unusual beer - my wife liked it more than I did;  I suspect it would be great for cooking;

31/1305) Home:  Arctic Circle Ale by Malmgard Brewery of Finland:  **; 7.3%;   pours a deep, dark brown;  brewed with juniper twigs, dark rye, British hops and "Finnish attitude";  the nose is herbal, almost medicinal, with spruce-like scents;  dried sweet fruit and herbal notes;  certainly not the worst call of the day;

To some today is Super Bowl Sunday to other it is International Gruit Day.

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