Sunday, 8 February 2015

January 12, 2015

9/1283) Home:  Cream Ale by Mikkeller of Denmark:  *1/2;  4.9%;  brewed with five malts, "cracked corn", flaked oats, three types of hops, ale and lager yeasts;  grassy, minerally nose;  to me, this is as as much a pilsner as a cream ale;  there is a sharp bite I would mistake for Saaz hops;   hints of grass, mineral, west coast hops;   in my view, this is the least successful of a pretty good LCBO release;

10/1284) Home:  Imperial Stout by Midtfyns Bryghus of Denmark:  **1/2;    9.5%;  aged in oak;  sweet mocha nose;  mocha, coffee, vanilla notes;

This bottle and another from the same brewer (which currently resides in my beer fridge) appears to have Braille lettering on the label.  With the technologies we have I wonder how frequently Braille is used these days.

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