Wednesday, 12 October 2016

August 12, 2016

It is with great relief that I can report that the Moranas have found a new home for the Volo at 582 Church Street at Dundonald - a block east of the original location.

It looks like a huge building and I hope they aren't over-reaching.  I still remember how Smokeless Joe's, a place that desperately needed a bigger location, floundered when it moved to College Street.  It's an entirely different neighbourhood but I don't know that the Volo ever received much walk-in traffic.  As my sons learned, you can walk past it many times without knowing it's there.

Of course the interior will have to be gutted and the last I heard, they don't expect to open until the new year which relieves me of my dilemma concerning how to handle things with New Year's Eve landing on a Saturday this year.

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