Monday, 10 October 2016

July 16, 2016

133/1718) Home:  Fired Oak Scotch Ale by Innis and Gunn of Scotland:  **1/2;  7.0%;  matured seventy days over a combination of lightly toasted oak and heavily toasted, to the point of catching fire, heartwood American oak;  the nose is oaky with vanilla notes and a toffee like sweetness ;  quite a lot of sweetness to the taste, almost caramel-like;  warming enough to make me wish it was winter;

Any talk of Innis & Gunn's decline is premature.

134/1719) Home:  Track 85 Lagered Ale by Old Tomorrow of Ontario:  *1/2;  4.5%;  a tribute to the railway which united Canada - the last spike happened in 1885;  cold lagered;  clear amber;  nose is malty and sweet, nearly English ale-like;  the taste is between a lager and an English ale;  sweet with a hint of fruit;

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