Tuesday, 18 October 2016

September 10, 2016

171/1756) Home:  Marzen by Neustadt Springs of Ontario:   *1/2;  5.5%;  a standard marzen with a sweet, almost sugary, malty nose;  very malty and biscuity;

This and the other can pictured were brewed for the twenty fifth anniversary of  Handtmann Canada Ltd.  Handtmann serves the meat and bakery industries, mostly in the area of machinery.  This is a gift from a colleague by way of her husband.

Neudstadt's regular 456 Marzen lager is 5.8%.

172/1757) Home:  Kölsch Lagered Ale by Steamworks Brewing Co. of British Columbia:  *1/2;  4.8%, 22 ibu;  malty nose;  clear, golden;  I found it rather pilsner-like;

173/1758)  Home:  Sleeping Lemons Export by The Wild Beer Company of England:  *1/2;  6%;   brewed with lemons preserved in salt, lemon juice, wheat malt;  basically it's a gose;  pours cloudy;  lemon pie/lemonade nose;  the salt is mercifully understated;  it tastes like a like a lemon and tonic;  I am not entirely convinced by this one;

The Moroccan phrase for preserved lemons translates literally as sleeping lemons.

174/1759) Home:  Éphémére Bleut by Unibroue of Quebec:  **;  a 5.5% blueberry wheat ale or, as the label puts it, "a Belgian style fruit flavoured what ale";  a mere 7 ibu;  the nose is a blend of wheat, yeast and blueberry; fresh blueberry flavours

It looks like a lot but we had a full house today and there was a lot of sharing.

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