Monday, 31 October 2016

September 25, 2016

189/1774) Home:  Legends of the Bay - Captain Tripp brewed for Midland Beer Works by Hockley Valley Brewing of Ontario:  *;  sweet, malty, unremarkable;

The legend goes like this:  on September 12, 1885 (oddly enough, three days before the death of Jumbo the elephant, also commemorated with a beer) the wooden hull of the Regina split open.  Captain Amos Tripp believed there was a chance he could ground her on a sandbar and save the crew and cargo but his crew disagreed and abandoned ship.  His body was found washed ashore shrouded in a sail.  To this day it is believed his spirit resides at the Cove Island Lighthouse, where he aids the light-keepers.

It's a great story that deserves a more remarkable beer.

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